LOVE LOVE ME DO, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, I’LL ALWAYS BE TRUE…I could go on and on speaking in song titles. Since tomorrow is Valentines Day just for fun, type in a “love lyric or title” that comes to mind. We play cards with another couple often we find ourselves talking in song titles. We are easily amused and entertained. Love is alive at the breakfast table everyday of the week, love is alive and it grows everyday and night even in our sleep…see these lyrics are stuck in our brains. I haven’t heard The Judds in years and the lyrics resurface just that easy. So have fun, I can’t wait to read what “love lyric” is on your mind.



I haven’t had a hotdog for…well…. What’s in your Crockpot? The Bar Cookie The Count Down is On!!!! Those dang Fitbits! Can’t live with them! Can’t live without them! Join MIX95.1 in supporting our community