The case of mistaken identity!

So, Rick was on his way home traveling through an area where a friend of ours lives. He hasn’t seen her in a couple of years.

He sees her walking a dog. It would be rude to drive on by. He stops. He puts down the window and says “HI, how are you”!  She responds with a friendly hello and “great, how are you”!!!! He asked about her dog and she got a little defensive.

Ooooops! It WASN’T the person he thought it was and up to THAT moment he was pretty sure it WAS! And, at that very moment the certainty waned indeed!

Turns out, it wasn’t her at all. I thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious. It was especially funny that the woman talked to a complete stranger (weirdo) who stops the car to talk!!!

Have you ever thought someone was someone, but it turned out it wasn’t the someone you thought it was! I call it mistaken identity! I’ve had people talk to me and think I was someone else. I have a waitress who just makes a fuss when she sees me. I think she thought I was someone else. Now, I play along and the relationship is actually legit.

Tell us your story! I’m sure you have a good one!





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