A Museum Dedicated to…Selfies?

A museum that I could dig! Yes, there’s no shame in my selfie game.

The Museum of Selfies, an interactive gallery devoted to ubiquitous smartphone self-portraits, is now open for a two-month engagement in Glendale, Arizona.

The pop-up museum – showcasing more than a dozen exhibits and categories such as the bathroom-mirror pic and the food selfie aims to explore the history and cultural impact of the selfie.

Museum co-founder Tommy Honton said the roots of the social media phenomenon date back to the most ancient and primal aspects of our species.

“We tried to avoid making the museum about the surface value of selfies and more about the selfie phenomenon embraced by the human race and how universal it is,” Honton said.

Woah…a deep underlying meaning associated with the duck face?

And while other museums and theme parks have banned them, selfie sticks aren’t just allowed inside the gallery, they’re encouraged!

Would you go to a museum dedicated to selfies? I know I’d love to check it out!

For more info, go to http://themuseumofselfies.com/




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