In celebration of National Chocolate Chip Day, here’s a good one: Chocolate Chip Dip

Sorry its a day late.  It just hit me last night that I should share this.  You may need to make this for the weekend.

grocery list

1 8oz block of cream cheese (bring to room temp)

1 stick of butter (the real thing baby)

2 Tablespoons of brown sugar (its not the end of the world of you don’t have have any)

1 cup of powered sugar (better get some, you may not have enough)

2 tsp vanilla (if you only have enough for 1 that’s fine)

1 cup of mini choc chips ( you can use mini m&ms, mini reeses pieces too)

dippers:  your choice

The butter and the cream cheese need to be at room temp, cream those babies together then add the sugars.  Now its so smooth and beautiful.  Add the cup of chips and nicely fold in.  Its going to be a little soft.  At this point I point it in the bowl I’m going to serve it in,  cover with plastic and put in the fridge.  You could also pour onto plastic wrap and shape into a log or a disk and then serve it on a tray with dippers around it.  DIPPERs:  now this part is all about you, you can get creative. It’s all about what you like.  Ive used animal crackers in the past but there’s other options as well.  Pretzels are good, Nilla Wafers, Graham Crackers, Graham Sticks.  I find bulk food stores are good for pretzels shape variety and other dipper options.  You could, if you wanted to go crazy, use a cookie scoop and make nice balls in  small plastic cups, about the size salad dressing comes in and serve that way.  Once you’ve done this and its cold, it will keep for a good week before it starts to break down.  Its a good “make a head of time” kind of dish.   Enjoy!!!!




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