COASTer into Summer with MIX! 3 weeks of Amusement Park winning for you

MIX is COASTering into summer!!!!! Ride some of the most fabulous coasters at some of the best amusement parks! MIX has three weeks of amusement winning for you and your family. We kick off the COASTering into summer with HERSHYPARK Triple Tower Ticket Tag

Starting Monday, June 5th! Wow! Then, Monday, June 12th a week of Delgrosso’s Amusement Park Winning! Listen for the touchtone during the MIX 9 to 5 workday!

But, THAT’S not all! Are you kidding me!!??? What else??? We have your tickets to Kennywood Amusement Park Monday, June 19th with Rick and Lisa and during the MIX 9 to 5 workday! Family 4 packs of tickets!!!!!!!

After that? Yep, more!!!! MIX gives you Dutch Wonderland tickets!!!!!

So get ready to COASTer into Summer with MIX95.1!!

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