What if we all counted to 10 instead of THIS!

I took a solo road trip to visit Jonathan in Baltimore. In the city. Not the metro area, where people say Baltimore. In the city. The heart of the city. I learned to drive on the Baltimore beltway, so driving on the beltway or in the city doesn’t intimidate me. I experienced no road rage all day. No one cut me off. No one blew a horn. No fingers were extended. All was peaceful. That is until I was a stoplight. The light barely turned green and some p/u truck behind me commenced with heavy horn blowing! AND, high beams. Calm down! He rode my tail until, alas, he pulled into his driveway. If you’re thinking darned Balmere drivers–think again. Darned Chambersburg drivers. I was just about home! I think when the light turns green if we count to 10 BEFORE honking, the world would be a happier place. I actually experienced that earlier in the day. I was behind people that waited patiently. Maybe because it was Saturday. I try to practice that all the time. Not that I’m patient, especially in the morning!!!!!! But, when the light turns green, I try to give someone a minute to get off Facebook ;),  look up, etc. It pays off. I try to spare them negative vibes in their world!!!! Let’s all try to count to 10.

Another time to count to 10 is before we speak. How often do we say something that if we thought about what we were about to say even another second , we might not stupidly say it! I know I have been glad I kept my mouth shut. Other times, I wish I would have! I call it the brain filter. Sometimes a 10 second delay doesn’t help some people with brain filter issues! No amount of time will. That’s another subject.

Another time to count to 10 is with our kids. Sweet little precious babes turn into green nasty monsters. BUT, annoying as they can be, they are sweet tender souls that need love and built up, not torn down. Count to 10 before you say any soul-damaging things. I hear people in the stores all the time saying hurtful things. I think to myself no wonder people turn out the way they do. We all make mistakes, but overall we should count to 10 to decrease those mistakes. Because they are mistakes when said in anger.

Today, let’s all count to 10….and make the world a better place.

and not 1, 2,10

1,     2,     3,       4,          5,                  6,                       7,                            8,                                          9,





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