Don’t blame the DOG!

Anybody in your house ever blame the dog for something they did???

Taraji P. Henson told Kelly and Ryan that she recently got a new dog that won’t stop passing gas. Her boyfriend thinks she is doing it!!!!!

Oh, gaaaaaa that is gross. Though the dog does get blamed for stuff. He can’t defend himself either.

How many broken things during “rough housing” did you blame on the dog?

One time, I went to a “BlueBird’s” meeting after school. It was early elementary school. I was very nervous. I remember having to GO! I remember having a bit of an accident. It was #1. But, still.  There was a bit of a puddle. These are the things in childhood that scar you for life.  I didn’t blame the dog. But Suzie’s sister came in and started scolding the dog for doing his business on the floor. Okay. We’ll go with it! I don’t think I went to any more BlueBird meetings.

How about you? What did you or your kid blame on the dog or cat?????? Tell me in the comments please!



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