“Ellen” surprises Shippensburg student for ‘Acts of Good’ at University

A Shippensburg University student received quite the surprise on Monday’s airing of the “Ellen Degeneres Show” when he was called out by the host herself to come down and speak with her.

Trent Bauer was at the show with a friend, known as “Steph” who wrote a letter to Ellen to bring attention to the work that her friend Bauer had been doing in the LGBTQ community at Shippensburg University.

“He’s spent his entire college career fighting for gay rights, and was even nominated for homecoming king because of all the good he does,” Ellen read from Steph’s letter.

Bauer is Shippensburg University’s LGBTQ coordinator, a position created by the university president at his suggestion.

Ellen, who has been working with Cheerios to celebrate “one-million acts of good” not only surprised Bauer with a shout-out on her show, but presented Bauer with $10,000 to help pay for his senior year at Shippensburg.

You can watch the full video here on The Ellen Show’s official YouTube channel.



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