Guess what we’re having a….

So, how did you tell your parents you were having a baby!


Hmmmm, I think I just picked up the phone and said, “GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!” That doesn’t seem very creative by today’s standards. I guess I should have done something like given my mother an easy bake oven with a loaf of bread inside. If she wasn’t deceased, she’d still be figuring that one out! haha!

I love the Gender Reveal parties. What fun. I didn’t want to know. I did but I didn’t. I think finding out the gender is the ultimate surprise. Though, knowing ahead of time, you can mentally and otherwise prepare for this new being.

Tell us the creative way you told everyone you were pregnant.

I remember my father giving me a stuffed “twin lobster” beanie thing for Christmas that said, “For the twins”!!!! Oh, sheesh! I THOUGHT I wanted twins, but that changed quickly. Getting up at 4am for work and breast feeding/pumpingĀ  and caring for a newborn is hard. Finding quality childcare before 5:30am is hard. Finding quality childcare at any hour is hard.

Here’s to moms! Especially single moms. I know this blog is about telling other people you are pregnant…but, the real story to tell is after they are born! The stories are just starting!!!!!



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