Guess where we are going…

For our after school activities we are going to …….THE FARM SHOW!!!!  Casey has a middle school basketball game today in Boiling Springs and this mama does not was to miss a game.  I am my sons biggest fan.  I’ve been car pooling and having a great time with another mom and her family, however,  today Ivan thought he’d make it to an away game and it just so happens, it’s “sorta on the way ” to the FARM SHOW.  This will be a nice surprise for Casey and I’m looking forward to spending time with both my guys together doing what they both love.   There may be a milkshake or some maple cotton candy in my near future.


Reality or just a dream this weekend? There’s red, just hanging out….. Pink hair tape, Dippity-do, and bobbie pins…. Who brings the donuts to the office? Fresh How does your garden grow?