I like to sleep!

Today is Pull an All Nighter Night Night.

Hmmm, the last time I pulled an all nighter was probably when Jonathan was born. It was actually a two-nighter! And then a four-hour-a-nighter for several nights after. He was born on a Tuesday. By Saturday, I was so tired I was an emotional mess.

I remember HAVING to find a particular baby sling, which noone had. My mother drove me to KMart to find the perfect baby carrier. I didn’t like the one I had. I opened the car door. As I was trying to get out, I dropped some coupons on the ground. When I bent down to get them, the car door flung open and hit the car next to me.

When I got out, to my surprise the man in the next car got out as well. He began to “assess the damage”…only there was no damage. He insisted on my insurance information. I was so overwhelmed with life and TIRED from my all-nighters that I started to cry. I said, “look, I’m sorry!!! I just had a baby and I haven’t slept since!” blah, blah, blah….he was so taken aback that he jumped back in his car and said that it was okay-nevermind-and have a good day!

I remember how “fish out of water” I felt for some time. After a decent night’s sleep, I felt a lot better. While I didn’t pull any all-nighters after that (that I can think of) I did get by on very interrupted sleep, for, oh, say, the next four years. I learned to sleep balancing a baby on my chest. When you have to get up at 4am for work, you do what it takes to sleep. I bonded with my baby like you wouldn’t believe. He’s grown now and he can sleep anywhere. haha!

What about your all-nighter??? Tell me about yours. I have several others, but first let me hear from you. If I have time, I’ll post a follow up at some point!

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