Kate Spade’s suicide. So sad. So real.



Depression is real.

This song helps me when I’m feeling low. It really can hit home. I like it because it really describes how you feel when you are in the pits. I also like it because it offers hope! No matter how bad it feels, there is hope! Listen to the song.

As a society, we need to do a better job with mental illness. I would love to see insurance companies cover 100% of 5-10 visits a year, like they do for Colonoscopy, mamograms, ect.

Also, we need to be a kinder society. Kinder in person. Kinder on social media to one another. EVERYONE is carrying something around. One struggle or many. No matter how rich, how famous or how anonymous,  we have struggles.

You matter. If you are hoving over the “dark spot” please get help. You WILL move past the dark spot. A lot of us have “dark spots” that require help.  Please click on and find out more.






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