KFC is Sending a Chicken Sandwich to the MOON!

The following commercial has been floating around the internet over the past few days:

Well it turns out that KFC is not kidding!

On June 21, KFC plans to launch its Zinger chicken sandwich into a space via a high-altitude solar-powered balloon known as a “stratollite,” a word combining “stratosphere” and “satellite.”

The chicken sandwich will zip up to about 28.5 miles above Earth ― not quite the 62-mile threshold to be considered to be the edge of space, but, as the New York Times notes, it’s cheaper than shooting off an orbiting rocket.

Assuming the launch goes off without a hitch, the balloon and the sandwich will float above Earth for at least four days, while the stratollite records telemetry data to help future launches by World View, the balloon’s manufacturer, according to the Associated Press.

KFC is funding the flight of the Zinger, which will mark the balloon’s first multi-day mission, according to Space.com.



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