Like Father, like son!

Jonathan called Friday night. He was just leaving work and trying to catch the bus. In fact, one was coming just as we answered, so he hung up and ran to catch it! He said he would call us on the other side.

About a half hour later, he called and said, “I need your help. I have a problem”!!!!! Deep breath as mom goes into panic/what happened/brace yourself mode. “I dropped my wallet”! E-yikes, where? “I think at school. It wasn’t on the bus. I got back on quick. The driver said I had my bus pass, but not a wallet”!

The bus driver suggested he catch the bus going the opposite direction. The ride is about a half hour with stops. So, he decided to Uber there. We waited. $16. later…

Finally the call came! “I found it”!!!!!! It dropped as he started to run to catch the bus(to save time-it was an earlier bus than he usually catches)! We were all thankful the wallet was there. It could have been A LOT worse. Perhaps someone could have picked it up. He could have dropped it on the bus and someone slyly pick it up. He could have not noticed it was missing for awhile.

I choose to celebrate his forward thinking, proactive calmness.

Life happens to all of us. None of us intend to lose our keys, wallet, phone, etc. Sure, we could be more careful, but,  life happens. It’s when it happens ALL the time!

Rick dropped his wallet at the theater @ Valley Mall. He, too, was lucky to get it back.

I once thought someone stole my purse. I was at a conference in Connecticut. Turns out I left it in the car. It was a real eye-opener to down size my purse. The problem with lessons is after X amount of time passes, we become sloppy again. Oh, well, that’s life, right??

Tell us about your experience!!!!!


I lost my lanyard and all my keys! Guess where it was????? Do you carry CONDiments with you???? Here comes the rain again…. Grief hits in the weirdest places! The Dollar Store??????????????????? Do you use a paper towel to open the door? Are you a germ-o-phobe??? Can someone please tell me WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???