Lose a tooth lately?

I wish I could have three sets of teeth. Real teeth. I think it’s taken this long to figure it out.

Not that I didn’t take care of my teeth. I did. Well water. Soda. No milk. Ain’t no toothbrushin’ in the world can overpower that. So, from age six, the dentist/sssssssssssssssssssssssss (that’s how many) and I have become “friends”!  Okay, by now, I’ve helped pay for some DKCT-Dentists’ kids’ college tuition. Wish I had THAT money for my own kid’s tuition.

So, at age six, I had 13 cavities.  Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t. Who knows. But, I remember going to endless dental appointments. I wasn’t a fan of Highlights magazine! The first time I had Novocaine, I put my arm up in protest. The dentist slapped it away in bigger protest.

So, after endless fillings, refills, root canals, crowns, bridges, extractions, I am getting implants. Yes, again, more college tuition. And, not my kid’s, btw.

However, I have embraced the importance of flossing, water picking, rinsing, and of course brushing. I think if I would have flossed at an early age, I may have saved some drilling.

Well, can’t undo all THAT. So, if I could have a third set, I could do much better. Maybe someday that will be a man-made process. I guarantee it will cost more that your kid’s and my kid’s college tuition.

Oh, and isn’t it funny when we are little and our teeth come out, it’s a joyous money-making occasion. But, when we are adults and they come out, it’s a sad expensive occasion. Not fair! Maaaaaaaa-oooooommmmm! I’m telling. Oh well, another Prada or Louie Vuitton Bag for somebody or somebody’s wife/girlfriend. The college tuition has long since been paid.

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