Oh, I don’t like to Spring Forward!

Don’t get me wrong, I love daylight. In fact, it could stay daylight 24/7 and I’d be okay. I like sleep. I don’t want to give up an hour.

Let’s face it. It’s not just an hour really.

It’s hard to get up when it’s dark. My body knows it’s 3am not 4am. Yep, 4am is bad enough. I like when we gain an hour! That’s nice!

I get that most people like extra daylight. I’m with you.

But, why do we have to mess with the clocks. Seriously. It’s going to be dark again at 7 in the morning. How about all the little kids at the bus stop. It’s dark for pity sake.

For those people who tear through the neighborhood at 90 mph—don’t run over the munchkins!

Why don’t we just fall back and entire day and spring forward an entire day. That way we are done for the next zillion years. WE don’t have to mess with it anymore.

Do you like the time change. The later you get up the more likely you are to say yes! Tell us your th



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