OH NO! Rick forgot to turn off his ringer!!! IN CHURCH!!!!

It happened during the prayer, that familiar standard iphone ring. The basic VERY LOUD ringtone!

I was just glad it wasn’t me. BUT, it was close enough, as in right next to me! RICK!!!!! It could have been worse. See our home phone is programmed to also ring our cell phones. So, if you call our home number, both our cells will ring, too. Yep, it’s a real fiasco when we are both at home and the phone rings. Suffice it to say, we won’t miss your call.

Anyway, Artie called with possible problems @ station. Then, Rick starts texting during THE PRAYER! Now, I guess before I go all Church Lady on him—who had their eyes open looking at him rather than being in prayer. GUILTY!

Anyway, it happens. We all TRY to remember. One time during a massage (those mall massages where I’m in one cubicle and Rick is in the other) HIS phone went off!

I’m sure you have a story! Call us. Wait. We might have the ringer off, so leave your story in the comments! 😛



I lost my lanyard and all my keys! Guess where it was????? Do you carry CONDiments with you???? Grief hits in the weirdest places! The Dollar Store??????????????????? Do you use a paper towel to open the door? Are you a germ-o-phobe??? Can someone please tell me WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? I’m the official Bag Lady!