One of my TOP Mom moments!!!

I’ll probably go see my mother Sunday. She’s pretty much house-bound with COPD. Yep, she smoked for many many years. She quit many years ago, but the damage must have already been in the works. She smoked while pregnant with me. She tells me they didn’t know better then! Haha! I was born in 1903! J/k! I’m a former smoker. I quit six years before Jonathan was born!

I won’t see Jonathan on Sunday. I feel Mother’s Day is a day to recognize moms. But, as a mom, I’m secure enough that my son loves me that if he forgot it was Mother’s Day, I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape!

I feel pretty close to Jonathan. We laugh a lot. He’s pretty adventurous. He’s a do-er, a join-er, a let’s go-er-er. So, I always had/have to be careful what I suggest, because he’ll want to do it.

About 10 years ago, we were in Alaska. I scheduled a guided tour to climb EXIT Glacier. It had to be guided, because you need a permit to be on it. So, seven of us, led by our tour guide, hiked through a National Park in Seward, Alaska.  It was a tough hike. Jonathan was loving it! Did I say it was a tough hike? Rick slipped on a rock and quickly proclaimed, “I’m out!” Much to my insistence that it was a bad idea, because of fresh bear poop on the trail, he headed back to the tour guide’s van. I told him to take my phone to call 911 in case he saw a bear :/ He actually forgot his phone on this trip. It was 10 years ago, so it was before we all had smart phones attached to our hands 24/7.

I couldn’t turn back. Jonathan really wanted to do this. I wanted to do it for him. I was tired. Did I tell you it was a tough climb. At points we were climbing straight up on rocks. I was wearing tennis shoes. Duh! I know, I know. How about some hiking boots, hello?????? Well, at least I wasn’t wearing flip-flops! haha! I was sweaty, tired, and scared a bear was going to attack us. My friends told me about their bear horror story days before we left for vacation. My first stop was to get Bear Spray ($55.) Suck-ah! The tour guide mad me leave it behind!

So, after an arduous climb, we made it to the Harding Ice Field. No, it was not named after me! haha The tour guide gave us crampons and poles to actually climb the glacier. Crampons sounds too much like tampons for my liking. You wear them on your feet to dig down into the ice as you are climbing!!!!  We were walking up the side like Spiderman. It was insane. Straight up! I mean– straight up the side. Crazy. Anyway, we made it this far, we were going!!!!!!!!! No turning back now! A bear could get me if I did. I didn’t want to be lunch!

We made it up the side of the glacier to the top. It was the. most. exhilarating. site ever! You could see the whole world. (I can see Russia from my house!) I nervously walked out on the glacier, sure not to step into a crevasse–which went down miles and miles. There were sooo many crevasses, you really had to watch where you stepped!!! Talk about nerve-racking! Jonathan wasn’t the least bit scared. I was afraid he would fall into a crevasse, because he was a little too comfortable if you know what I mean.

We had a glorious time on that glacier. It definitely goes in the top 10 most exhilarating times of my life! It was a wonderful mother/son shared moment. And, I was so glad I didn’t back out of it. I pressed on for him. I was glad I did. What a memory we both have. An awesome awesome time! The things we do. This is why I’m careful what I suggest because I know my son will say SURE! Want to go surfing, SURE! Want to fly to Timbuktu, SURE! Want to climb Mount Everest, SURE! Want to go shopping, haha! Gotcha!

Have a happy Mother’s Day. Share below your best memory with your mom or as a mom with your kid!



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