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Check out Artie Shultz on you way home from work!

Check out Artie on your way home from work !

Who is Artie & what's he into ?
Well, I guess this is where I tell you a little bit about myself.  I'm a local guy who started here at MIX 95.1 back in 1992 and after a year or so I left to work at another area station. After a stint at the other station, I moved on to work at a great Oldies station in Harrisburg called KOOL 99.3, where I met so many great people including our own JP McCartney.  I learned somuch at KOOL 99.3, and if I haven't said it yet, Thank You RJ Harris.  You made me a better jock, and words can't express how grateful I am to you for the chance.  Then I got a call to move to the Lonestar state of Texas to Program a radio station.  From there back to Harrisburg to fly around the capital city giving traffic reports.  Good job, but I kept getting sick everyday:(  Finally in September of 1999, I was out of a gig and called Rick Alexander, and he hired me back !  What a guy, he's the perfect boss and cares about everyone that works with him.  You couldn't ask for a nicer person to work for.  So I guess I've been working afternoons here at MIX 95.1 ever since and loving every minute of it.  Really the greatest team I've ever been a part of.  And to you the listeners of MIX 95.1, we know you have many choices of radio stations to listen to, so for your continued support of MIX 95.1, I thank each and every one of you.  The best part of my job each day is getting the chance to play the Today's Best Music Mix to pick you up and make you feel good at work !  I I hope I didn't forget any butts to kiss.  So enough about me, let's talk about you.  What do you think of me?  Ha Ha Ha ! ... So if you're bored during the workday, give me a call, chances are I'm gonna be bored too, so ... maybe we can get together for a pizza :)  ... Bye -
Artie's Favorites
 Music  Dance or Pop Rock
 Movie  "Saving Private Ryan"
 Food  Cheese Steak with Onions & Green Peppers
 Artist  Frank Sinatra - The Chairman of the Board - Old Blue Eyes - Skinny Sinatra
 Song  "My Way" by Frank Sinatra
 Cartoon  Smurfs
 President  Bill Clinton (there's something about that man ?)
 City  Orlando, Florida
 TV Show  Monday Night RAW
 Drink  Sex on the Beach
 Quote  "Don't Sing It, Bring It !"
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