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Teacher Of The Week May 20, 2013

This week's MIX 95.1's Rick & Lisa Teacher of the Week is Mr. Kevin Reynolds of Cascade Elementary School.
II would like to nominate Mr. Reynolds for teacher of the week. He teaches physical education at Cascade Elementary. The compassion and care he has shown my daughter needs to be publicly recognized. She had an injury to her ankle that was being treated with physical therapy, yet she still wanted to run in the Washington County Cross Country Meet. Mr. Reynolds spent 6 weeks working with Lindsey individually, developing a training plan that was tailored for her. He would also bring in an ice pack for her to ice down her ankle after each practice. He showed genuine care and compassion for her well being, while trying to help her reach her goals. About a week before the meet, my daughter suffered another injury that would ultimately prevent her from being able to participate in the County Meet. Knowing that she worked very hard during practice and that she was devastated to not be running, Mr. Reynolds stepped in once again. He made her his "Assistance Coach" for the day. He allowed my daughter to help support her teammates in various ways that day. He could have easily dropped her from the team and forgotten about her, but instead, made her feel like a vital part of the team. His compassion for not only my daughter but for every student in the school should be recognized.

This letter was submitted by Julie Aughinbaugh
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