Teacher of the Week April 21, 2014

This week's MIX 95.1's Rick & Lisa Teacher of the Week is Mrs. Mary Jane Torri of Falling Springs Elementary School

My son has had Mrs. Torri for the past 2 years, she is one of four teachers for the fifth grade class. Mrs. Torri teaches reading and is known for being a more strict teacher (so the kids say, anyway). My son has a passion for math and science so when you ask him about his favorite teacher he'll most likely refer to those subject teachers. As a parent, I cannot express how special it is to have a teacher like Mrs. Torri to inspire your child. She doesn't know it but after having her as his reading teacher Hunter has read more books than his entire first four year of school. In fact, he has even requested books that he would like to READ because he really enjoys the series after reading it in class!!! I would like to do something special for Mrs. Torri because has been inspiring to me and my son, even if she may be considered a "strict" teacher by the kids. I would like to thank her because my son has excelled over these last couple of years, I feel that all the reading has helped him to improve in every aspect of his academic curriculm. He was actually voted Student of the Month by CASD - couldn't be prouder to have a child like that and I believe that Mrs. Torri helped to achieve!

This letter was submitted by Mary Markey

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