Piano lessons?

Do you play the piano?  Did you take lessons and for how long?  Do you play “by ear”?   I was watching Cutting Edge Dueling Pianos on Youtube, they will be at Bstreet Saturday night, we will have some tickets for you on Friday.  I got to thinking how much I love to hear the piano.  I took lessons in my teens, it didn’t last.  I blame it on my brain, but it probably was my lack of wanting to practice.  How many of you have taken lessons and gave up?  Maybe you’ve taken the lessons, had the discipline to practice or had a parent that “made” you practice, and now you tickle the ivory beautifully.  I am so thankful for the pianist, I am in awe of their talent.  If you have time, take a video of yourself playing something fun and make my day.  Thanks, it will be fun to share.



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