Prom! Back in the day! Do you recognize Rick and Lisa?

Prom.  OMG. Look at that corsage! Are you kidding me! haha! How in the world??? I’m guessing I took that thing off 10 minutes into the night. The reason it’s apricot color…well, it’s a long story. I’ll try to make it short. My boyfriend didn’t want to go to Prom. He was a year older. A mutual friend and his neighbor, who was in my class, asked me to go because he and his girlfriend broke up. I said YES! He was a hottie, so why nottie! Anyway, we ordered his tux. A lovely shade of apricot! haha! We ordered my flowers at the same time!

All was well until…my BFF was mad because SHE liked him and had a chance since he and his GF broke up! I told her we were going AS FRIENDS. She was mad. We’ll HIS mother thought it was a bad idea to go with me! She  didn’t want to create a problem with the neighbors. Remember, my Boyfriend’s family were their friends and neighbors. Oh, the drama.

Then, the BIG thing happened. He got back together at the last minute with his girlfriend. Oh, GRRRREAT! Now what!Well my BF decided he would go. So, everything was very last minute. Last minute tux color changes and tuxes ordered, etc. Everything worked out, except my flowers weren’t changed. Hence the apricot color!!!! Well that’s just part of the story. I’ll catch up with you on the rest of the night later!  Tell us about your PROM Drama!




Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! With what we spent on repairs, we could have gone to Europe!!! But, we still had fun & some Staycation pics for you!!! Frozen Fruit Cups What’s for lunch? Are Decorative pillows a “Girl Thing”???? Because my guy CAN’T STAND THEM! Important Info about Poison Hemlock in our area!!!!