Do I really need an InstaPot????

Rick wants a Christmas List from me.  The problem is I am constantly tweaking my list. He’s a “once you make it, don’t tweak it” kind of guy. I thought MAYBE I want an InstaPot. Well we missed all the Black Friday deals. I don’t know if it’s worth $$$ to me. I have a steamer. I use it everyday! I love my steamer. I’ve gone through three of them. What does an InstaPot do other than steam?????? Would I even use any of the other things. I have enough complications in my life…like trying to remember all my passwords, remember how to delay start my over, where my debit card got to….etc…So, tell me. What’s SO great about an InstaPot????? Should I put it on my list????



Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! With what we spent on repairs, we could have gone to Europe!!! But, we still had fun & some Staycation pics for you!!! Are Decorative pillows a “Girl Thing”???? Because my guy CAN’T STAND THEM! Important Info about Poison Hemlock in our area!!!! Happy Father’s Day!!! What’s your bathroom door policy? #PottyPolicy