Really? Who steals flip-flops!

I had two pairs of flip-flops in my gym locker. Someone stole the purple pair yesterday!

Are you freaking kidding me? Who does that?

That’s the second thing I’ve had stolen out of my locker. About a year ago, someone ripped off a brand new, very colorful pair of workout pants.

Well, full disclosure, I’m one of the several in the locker room, who does not lock their locker. Mine is busted and quite frankly, I can’t keep track of one more thing. It’s bad enough making sure I don’t lose my membership card.

So, before I complain, I guess I should lock my locker.

I’ve adopted the–I don’t keep anything in there that I don’t want stolen policy. So, I refuse to get upset.

They were cool looking and I never wore them. The were new, but in there for awhile. I got them at the Dollar Store last year. I have a pink pair that I wore in a hotel shower and almost slipped and broke my neck. They should have stolen my moldy, but sturdy blue pair. I hope they don’t slip in the shower. You can’t hold someone responsible if they STEAL from you, can you? I hope not! lol! #todayssociety

What ridiculous thing did you have stolen from you????



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