Send that text

Have you ever called someone and they said, ” I was just thinking about you too.” I love that.  This happens so often with my sister in laws and myself.  It’s usually a phone call and an hour chat.  Have you ever received a text that made your day.  Just simple words that say “hey I was thinking about you”, mean a lot.  It may just help someone have a better day, or that simple act of thoughtfulness can encourage them to pass it on, do the same for someone else.  I get a random text from my friend LL.  She’s an amazing person with a huge heart.  It makes my day.  Get quiet for a second (that’s about all I can handle of quiet), who comes to mind quickly?  Send that person a text and see what happens. I’m not talking about friends you check in with often.  Go for the ones you haven’t touched base with in a while.  Have a great day and thanks for listening to Mix 95.1 at work.



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