Did you take your daughter or son to work?

I didn’t bring Casey with me today today, but I have.  His favorite part is looking up and listening to the Tv Show Themes we have saved in our system, and he loves the sound effects library.  He gets a kick out of that.  Now that I’m thinking of it, I may post a little video of his “whistling” a theme song.  Casey does get to go to Daddies job a few times a week.  I went to my dads job all the time when i was a kid.  I could walk there and I loved it.  He worked almost 60 years for Sniders Elevator.  My favorite thing to do was to ride along in the feed truck to farms he was delivering the feed to .   Farm boys are the cutest.  (wink wink)  And Mom, for many years worked at the Ft. Loudon Dress Factory.  My aunt Jane and uncle Dave would take me to see her from time to time.  I loved that too.  Those women would make those sewing machines hum.  My moms advice to me was “don’t get a job in a factory, honey”.  I did take that advice, some I didn’t but maybe I should have. (more winks)

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