It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!

We can all recall that one special teacher that made an impact on us for the good, and some for the bad.  I have a specific memory for each and every teacher.  In second grade, a student got her butt smacked and she had to stand in the back of the room.  Because of that, I never, ever wanted to get into trouble.  When I went to vo-tech for Marketing, it was Mr. Hoke that brought out the best in me.  For whatever reason, he was a great cheerleader for me.  I still keep in touch with him, usually with the exchange of a Christmas card, and family picture.

Think on this if you will, we are all teacher and we are all students.  We are learning from each other every day.  We are teaching one another about life.  Best of friends and relationships are great for learning and growing.   When you run an idea or an opinion by your friends and they offer a different spin on your thoughts, you’re learning.  When you read all the right books about raising children, and then you’re blessed with that one who takes you to your limit and then some, you’re learning.  When you’ve watched all the romantic movies and read all the how to make marriage great books, and then you marry a farmer,  you’re learning.  So, in some ways,  I guess we never really leave the classroom.

Have a front row seat in the classroom that is life.  ~ courtney


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