The Day Before Monday

So now we are back to work and back to school on Monday.  Five days of catching the school bus on time and punching the time clock.  I want to know what you do to get ready for those five days.  What does your day before the “crazy” look like?  One thing I’m currently doing is actually working (please no jinx).  On Sunday evening I pre-bag all the goodies for our lunches.  This little task that I thought I didn’t have time for, turns out it saves so much time.  I know some people will pick out a weeks worth of clothes.  I cannot do that because I dress for my mood.  My sister in law gathers all their laundry (she has 5 kids) and starts the process on Sunday evening.  My school teacher friend cooks for the week on Sundays.  This week they grilled, so they will be enjoying grilled ham loaf and chicken this week for dinner.  Sounds good to me.  So what’s your day before Monday look like?

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