I wanted to call your show, but…

We hear that from time to time. Oh, when you guys )talking about, fill in the blank, I wanted to call in, but I was, fill in the blank.

Well, that’s why I want to tell you about our cool little feature TALK BACK! I know, I know,  your mom taught you not to talk back! Well this kind of TALK BACK is pretty fine!

So, you go to the MIX app. Wait. Whaaaaaaat? YOU DON’T HAVE THE MIX APP! (Said like your mother would say it! I hear my mother or father. Only it’s finished with WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!

Anyway, go to your APP STORE and download the free MIX app. I’ll wait. (Again, I hear the mother’s voice)!!!!

Now that you have it. Go to the upper right menu. Select  TALK BACK! See that little microphone? You’re in bid-ness my friend. Figure out what you want to tell us and then hit the start recording button.  You can preview your recording if you want to or you can submit it or clear it and start over.

The messages come right to us!

Now, the next time you want to tell us something…TALK BACK! We do prefer you actually call us at the time. BUT, if you can’t, use this! We might actually use your recording on our show! Woot! Woot! You’re famous now! haha

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