Well, it’s official! I’m going to…

After talking it over with Courtney Foxx, I’ve decided I’m going to design a decision app. Yep, just as soon as I learn how to design apps! Stick with me now. I think you’ll like this. It’s an app. You input what you are trying to decide. You input the pros and cons. And, da-dah, the app makes the decision for you. It’s pretty much a step up from flipping a coin ;P

I sometimes have trouble making decisions. Okay, a lot of the time. I can’t really decide. Courtney does, too. I’m not sure why. It could be I don’t really really care. It could be I like everything. It could be I’m a perfectionist. It might be I’m too tired to think about it. It could be I don’t have time to complete it. Not sure. See, I can’t decide. It might be different for different things. Oh, it could be, I look at every angle from every angle.

Oh, these are small decisions…minutia. I seem to have an easier time with the BIG decisions—sort of anyway. 😛

Things (minutia) I’m currently trying to decide: what kind of shoes to buy for summer, where to go in August, whether to take a food tour in NYC or see a show, Whether to see Neil Diamond in June (don’t judge me) whether to go over to my mother’s on any given Sunday, whether to go forward with the crown molding, sofa, curtain project and then each respective decision within that decision, whether to get a new bedspread, whether to keep that As Seen on TV cleaning thing my mother insisted I take, etc.

It all seems so petty. And, it is. I delay figuring it doesn’t really matter. I’m trying to be satisfied with what I have. And, I am. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add new things, etc.

How about you make my decisions and I’ll make yours. Second thought, let me think about that and get back to you!



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