What’s on your Bucket List???

I’d love to say running a marathon is on my Bucket List! Okay, so, we can create a real Bucket List and a fantasy Bucket List. A marathon would be on my fantasy list. I run a couple of miles each day. I could train, I suppose. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. So, I don’t want it that bad, I guess. I’m just too: tired, busy, etc. to train. And, train you must!

Okay, so what would I put on my list. Wait. I think I will put a marathon on my list. I just might not get to it anytime soon. Hmmm. I do have the top 10 Bucket List items for single people. I only share one on that list. Tour Europe. I have been fortunate enough to visit Europe a couple of times. But, tour Europe. Now, that sounds good. That sounds like a month or more to me. Tour. Hmmmm, tour. Tour.  I’d like to tour as a rock star. I guess since I have zero music ability, we’ll just put that on my fantasy list.

So, mine might look like this:

  1. Tour Europe
  2. Hawaii again–but a lot longer. Tour Hawaii
  3. See Neil Diamond in concert! (Don’t judge me)!!!!
  4. Skydive
  5. Climb Everest…ooops, fantasy list, again   Train like a Navy Seal, still fantasy Teach Speech– College

6. Go to Austrailia! Let’s just say  TRAVEL!!!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!

7. Run a marathon! There I did it. I put it on the list.

8. Write a book. I have material for at least 5–different topics–all non-fiction

9. Get a 5 hour massage-–ooops, fantasy list again! Get a complete makeover by someone famous who knows what they are doing. Hair, makeup, fashion. All of it!

10. Something really cool that I’m forgetting right now, but want to hold a space open!

How about you. What’s on your list. My list is probably subject to change according to how I’m feeling on a particular day. I am a little tired today…so, anything that requires real effort is a stretch today! haha! Oh, I should add clean windows at my house. That must be on some far-reaching list, because it doesn’t seem to happen 😀 Let’s see your list!

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