What’s your bathroom door policy? #PottyPolicy

So, in your house when you are on the can/pot/toilet/throne, do you close the door? Do you close it all the way and lock it? Do you “sort of ” close it? Or, do you leave it wide open?

At our house, we all seem to be comfortable in the downstairs bathroom leaving the door either wide open or “sort of” open. Upstairs, in the morning, I close the door. I think if it’s serious business, I need the door closed.

I think at our house, number 2 requires the door to be at least 75% closed. Number one, wide open, come one in!

When we have guests, the door is closed. What. a. pain. haha! I have actually kept the door open. It was a quick, quick stop. No time for door closings. Plus, we used to have a rug that impeded closing the door. That rug, sadly, is no longer around. It got nailed in a serious toilet overflowing incident where I toilet kept overflowing causing flooding in the bathroom.

Anyway, let’s hear your policy. Maybe you don’t even have an open policy on talking about your policy!  That’s okay! But, if you do do (get it), by all means, tell us please!



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