When you totally forgot about that banana in your backpack!!!!

So the other day I was emptying my backpack and getting it ready for the next day. As I was removing my oatmeal bag, I felt something wet and squishy underneath.

Ewwwww! I looked in my backpack at the bottom! WHAT THE WHAT????? A slimy mess. Well I know my oatmeal sometimes leaks a little, but, this is ridiculous!

Then I spotted IT! Yep, IT. That banana from who knows when. Each day, I throw in two¬† bananas. I give one to Rick and I eat one. It must have been one of those rare occasions when I throw in three because I’m going to have a later than usual day.

Well somehow I forgot about it. It was a black slimy mess ALL OVER EVERYTHING. It’s the kind of mess that makes you want to be five again and call for your mother to clean. Or, the kind of mess that makes you want to order a new backpack. Yessssss, I cleaned it. And, yesssss it was gross. Grosser than changing a diaper. Wait. I take that back.

How about you? What did you forget about. Maybe a steak in the back of the car? Milk in the diaper bag? Maybe your kid took a snack to his room and forgot about it? Tell us your Oooops, I forgot story!



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