Where in the world is the TAPIOCA????

So, Saturday we were shopping! We bought lots of stuff…Christmas gifts and regular food stuff. We bought a bag–yes, bag of Tapioca. Sounds gross, but Rick likes Tapioca and didn’t mind that it was in a bag (that resembled a colostomy bag to me)!!! ANYWAY, we put everything away Saturday night. Then, Monday it hit me. I don’t remember putting away the Tapioca-BAG!!!! Hmmmm. I did ask Rick to take a box down to the basement table. I keep a box on the table to put stuff (needful and not) for Jonathan. Yesterday, I meant to go check. I forgot. Have you ever “forgotten” to put away an item. Or, somehow an item disappeared and then reappeared six months later!?? Tell us!



Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! With what we spent on repairs, we could have gone to Europe!!! But, we still had fun & some Staycation pics for you!!! Frozen Fruit Cups What’s for lunch? Are Decorative pillows a “Girl Thing”???? Because my guy CAN’T STAND THEM! Important Info about Poison Hemlock in our area!!!!