Who brings the donuts to the office?

Mix 95.1s VP Ed Dorsey is the Donut Man, no seriously he is THEE DONUT MAN.   Ed wants to make sure we feel appreciated and if a dozen or two of sweet treats do the trick, he’s in.  Thanks Ed.

Who in your office is the bringer of the goodies?  Many years ago I’d share a few treats from Courtneys Kitchen.  Honestly, I can barely get a decent homemade meal on the table for my very own family.  Last week it was chicken patties and fries….TWICE!!!  There’s always that one who loves to cook or bake over the weekend and will share the “leftovers”.  I’m pretty sure the First/Citi ladies are big on “carry in” lunches.  I will say, it does make the day a little brighter.  Keep eatin’ at work and listening to Mix 95.1 and mix95.com!!!  And we appreciate you, with a virtual donut…enjoy!!


Reality or just a dream this weekend? There’s red, just hanging out….. Pink hair tape, Dippity-do, and bobbie pins…. Fresh How does your garden grow? It’s prom season!!!!