Yard Sale, Goodwill, or Both

A few weeks ago a friend shared a  demo of “Extreme Yard Saleing” with a group of ladies at church.  This was something she did with her sister and their kids just loved it too.  They map out their mornings, Friday and Saturdays.  They start at 630 and are finished by 930.  They also hold yard sales as well.  What makes these sisters so successful is their knowledge of prices for purchase and whats popular for resale.  They have their marketing down.

I was wondering what you do.  Will you hold a yard sale?  I know the weekend of July 4th there are huge yard sales in the four state.  Do you have any yard sale advise or tips that you use when you are preparing for one.  OR…do you bag it all up and take it to Goodwill or Salvation Army?  Ive done both.  The only thing I like about having a yard sale is hanging out with friends.  Honestly, till I’m done with something I think to myself “who would want it”.  Till I’m done with something it’s either out of style or worn out.  Also what’s your thought process on parting with your children’s clothes and toys?  I still, for the life of me cannot part with my matching pack and play, stroller, and car seat.  Its too big to store, I know, but for some reason I can’t let go of those items.  They were gifts too, maybe that why?  (maybe I need a therapist).  Any advice, tips, or encouragement it welcomed here.  Have a great day! ~ Courtney

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