I had a dinner guest that just couldn’t stay!!!

Thanks to Facebook for this gem. A memory that I could live without revisiting. The backstory answers the question, “how did that get there?”.
Spring and fall are great for hot days and cool nights. On this day in 2012, I had the garage doors up and I do not remember the details of the day. Cleaning the garage, hanging out laundry, or cleaning out flower beds could have been the activities of the day. In the evening Casey had midget football practice. I ran him to the field, left the garage doors up, and came back home to start supper.  When practice was over I ran back down, came home, closed the house up and began to plate our evening meal. Ivan was not home that evening, he was a meeting in Scotland. My neighbor Courtney was home alone, so I invited her to eat with us. She comes over to the house with a Cobra hat on, white hat, blue Cobra logo. I went to move stuff off the table so we could all sit down together and the head of this little visitor moved. Seeing her hat, I thought it was a joke. (if you know Courtney B. you’d know why I thought that.) This was the summer of bronchitis and pneumonia for me, so I already did not feel well. Still thinking it was a joke I went back to the table and realized it was a real black snake. I screamed so loud I had a sore throat for days. Screaming I said, “Courtney, I’m not in the mood for this!!!” She looked surprised, yet still laughing like Courtney does, and said “what?”. Once I believed she did not put a fake snake on my dining room table, and we both realized this thing was real we had to come up with a plan to remove it. Her daddy not was not home to help me, my husband was 20 miles away, and the brother, who lives the closest, told me to get one of my farmer neighbors to help me. The bridge was out between my place and his and he’d have to take “the long” way around to rescue his little sister. (to this day I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to) I did just that, I called the closest farmer I know. When the phone was ringing, I thought how am I going to ask him to remove a snake? Knowing him pretty well, when he answered the phone, I said “Dean, I need a man!!” He came right away, removed the snake from my table, and threw in the field across from my house. I am ever so grateful he took care of it. It’s quite a story to retell, and it brings a lot of laughs.



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