Multi-tasking gone wrong

When I discovered what I had done, I was face timing with my brother and sister in law. Susie suggested I blog about it. So, here it goes.
In my kitchen, space and time are limited. This past weekend I was blessed with a large box of peaches. These precious peaches did not come from a commercial orchard but a dear sweet mans backyard. This weekend Casey wanted homemade chocolate chip cookies. This weekend I also needed to cut up and put away about 15 green peppers, another blessing from a friend. The window of opportunity was short to get these very timely and important jobs completed.
To begin, I had to clean the countertops before I “got busy”. I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it back up. I have the bad habit of letting the door down on the dishwasher while I’m working. I do it so I can throw in dishes as I dirty them when I’m cooking. During all of this, I’m thinking ahead to our next few meals for this upcoming week and asked Casey to bring up some meats from the freezer. (important side note: for our anniversary I bought Ivan a countertop ice maker which took up some prime real estate on my kitchen counter.) I do not like to work around raw or thawing meat. I put a few frozen packs on the top rack of dishwasher that way I had more space on the counter to peel and freeze my peaches, slice and dice my peppers, and mix up Casey request for chocolate chip cookies. With only half the jobs completed, I had to leave for an event. I added a few more dishes to the dishwasher, squeezed in the detergent, started it and I left the house. Returned home 2 hours later, opened the dishwasher door to air dry my newly cleaned dishes…and there it was…one pound of sliced bologna. The bologna package was sealed and airtight from the butcher, thank heavens. I don’t know how I missed that pack.  Maybe I unintentionally found a new and quicker way to defrost meat. The bologna was not harmed, we ate it yesterday.



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