75 and counting

Rick Alexander

75 and counting


Today marks 75 days and counting. Yes, I have been wearing jeans for 75 consecutive days in a row, thanks to the coronavirus shutdown. When I bring this up, I always feel the need to to state that I wear a clean pair each day. I guess that if I don’t make that clear, those who just briefly scan articles (most people) will think I have worn the same james for 75 days. Nobody should ever have to witness that!

The reason I have this personal record is because I most often wear khakis to work and church. And in the summer, I wear shorts much of the time. So very soon, either we will reopen our office and I will resume wearing dress pants most days or, if temps rise, I will dig out my shorts. Just saying, one way or the other,the streak will likely soon end.

Working in radio, the dress code has always been flexible and I think it has gotten even more so in recent years. Even so, I still do not feel comfortable wearing shorts to work.

When it comes to shorts, some guys never wear them. I can’t imagine my grandfather wearing shorts. Someone  must have purchased a pair of Bermuda shorts for him back in the 50s, because I once saw a picture of him wearing them. Quite honestly, he looked ridiculous. I never saw him ever wear them. Lisa’s father is vehemently against wearing shorts. I have never known anybody who hates shorts the way he does.On the other hand, my dad wore them until he was 80, at which time he stopped only because he was constantly cold.

Then there are guys who wear shorts all the time and it is strange to witness them wearing pants. This seems to be a more recent trend, having become more common in the last 15 years or so. Some shorts wearers are rabidly passionate about them. One guy I know has reluctantly agreed, at the urging of his wife, to not wear his shorts only in December and January. Many times, guys can be spotted wearing a coat, hat and scarf…..and shorts!!

I don’t hate shorts and I don’t love them. If you told me I couldn’t wear shorts any more, honestly, I wouldn’t be too upset. Yet, there are some hot days that are clearly meant for shorts, but there are many days that I could go either way. There have been some summers where I’ve worn nothing but shorts and some when I’ve worn nothing but jeans. And the temperature didn’t seem to have a whole lot to do with it in either case. The only thing I am sure of is that my 75 day and counting record will soon end, either by the end of lockdown or summer temps! 

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