“Pick Three” Christmas

Rick Alexander


Like you, I’ve got a lot of ideas. I think I’ve found a way to make Christmas more efficient and more fun at the same time, while addressing some age-old issues. People like to see a bunch of unwrapped Christmas gifts under the tree with their name on them. Most  like to tear into them and see what’s beneath the paper.


On the other hand, many of those gifts disappoint and are forgotten, sometimes the same day. Face it, it is really hard to buy for some people! And most people don’t want to appear rude and ungrateful. So they smile and fawn, while faking “gift-gasm”. Then, when no one is watching, they take them back to the store, throw them on the re-gifting pile, shove them in a drawer or worse, toss them in the trash. What a waste !!

What to do?? Enter “Pick Three Christmas”. The way it works, you can buy as many gifts as you want, but the recipient get to “pick three” to keep. The others get returned to the store (before the credit card bill comes!)  So all of the fun of opening Christmas presents, without the pain of figuring out what exactly to do with them later. And no more joy  faking. You can save face by saying “I love them all, but I know I only get to keep three!” It doesn’t have to be three, either. It can be pick five, pick one or any number that works. It is really great for kids, who probably only play with a very small number of toys and games, but who nonetheless like to rip open a pile of gifts.  Genius, huh? You’re welcome!

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