Are Decorative pillows a “Girl Thing”???? Because my guy CAN’T STAND THEM!

So, I know we are trying not to defeat gender stereotypes in our society. That can be a good thing! All of our kids need to be socialized that they have endless possibilities. Period.

We are trying to rid the world of certain falsehoods like only girls wear pink, etc. I’m all for guys wearing pink. Love it. Rick looks great in pink.

But,¬† I’ve not me one guy who likes decorative pillows on the bed. Well, truth be known, I guess I haven’t really discussed this issue with many guys.

I have discussed it with a handful of my female friends. All feel the same way. They like decorative pillows on the bed and their respective guy hates them.

So, I bought some cool funky pillows for the bed. Four of them to be exact. I put them on the bed with two others. The last person out of bed, makes it! Rick is the last out and he makes it. Of course the pillows are not placed to my liking. But, hey, the bed is made!!!!!!!

Saturday, I found some funky soft pink pillows. I had to have them. I asked Rick if he liked them. He said yes —only if they are NOT for the bed. At that moment, I had a different location in mind. “Nope, they are for the sofa”, I reassured.

Somehow when I was placing them, they looked better on the bed. Hmmmm, how can I break the news to him. Would he notice? I added them. Immediately, I felt a pang of guilt. I did tell him they weren’t for the bed. So, I put them on the sofa in our room. I think they may migrate their way to the bed. If they were to get up and walk there–that would be okay, right???

Anyway, why do men or certain people, maybe it’s not gender defined, HATE throw pillows. By the way, he does NOT like the ones on the sofa either.

My pillows get disrespected on a daily basis. Thrown behind the sofa…crushed under an arm…used as a mock table (okay, I do that for my keyboard. I confess)!!! But, I always¬† arrange them nicely when I vacate the sofa.

How about you? Are you a fan of decorative pillows or do you dislike them so? Tell me below please!!!!!



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