Are you congreenient?

From Rick Alexander:


This weekend, while walking around at a show that featured many “green” products, I came up with a new word: “congreenient”. It means being green only when it is convenient to you and easy to do. A lot of people these days espouse environmental responsibility. That is a good thing. We need to be good stewards of our resources, natural and otherwise.


But there are many who “talk the talk”, more than they “”walk the walk”. They are green when it is cool to be so. They like being thought of a green.They often wear “save the whale” tee-shirts or sport condescending, shaming bumper stickers on their  electric cars. More than likely they like associating with “green” people, getting steeped in green culture. But there are people who really think they are making a difference, while making only token efforts to be green. They carefully recycle each plastic water bottle while running a full laundry load for a just handful of things.They perform token  good deeds, just so they can pat themselves on the back while completely missing the big picture.Then you have those who fall for every marketing scam, AKA “green washing”. You know, those products that are supposedly good for the environment, those companies who allegedly make contributions to “green” causes. I guess you could argue that any effort to conserve is a good thing. How congreenient!



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