Does it bother you when someone calls you Babe, Sweetie, Hon, Miss, Maam?

A two-star  Army General was recently punished  for calling a female staffer “sweetheart and he commented on her age. He also told the staffer to take notes “since she was a Democrat and did not believe in funding the military.”

So, nothing about what he did was appropriate and he was rightfully reprimanded and denied a promotion.

I think the days of calling someone HON (or any other term of endearment) in the workplace are over unless it’s part of the “mutual admiration of each other and you have that kind of relationship” society. Otherwise, nix-ay on the Hon-nay. Let’s add Babe, sweetie and dear to that.

There are places where people address you with terms of endearment. Do you like that? Or, does it tick you off. Or, do you simply not care?

Restaurants. Waitstaff calls you HON. Like? No likey? Don’t care, just bring me my food? It depends. Is she just calling your guy HON? Is he just calling you babe. Wait. That one doesn’t fly with me. No Babe.

What about the term MISS?  Miss is fairly innocuous, right? Well…maybe. When you’re called MISS, it means different things (to me)! First, if it’s said in a terse tone, it means he thinks you’re a B. I’d rather be called Miss then Maam. To  me, maam is an older lady. Excuse me, Maam, you forgot your leftovers.  She is using her walker to leave the restaurant. I guess Maam could be a rich b with a fur coat. Maam…Maam…She’s too busy signifying through the restaurant in her fur coat to turn around. There are no left overs, because Maam wouldn’t dare eat left overs.

What about Babe. Babe. Guys that are players use the term babe. They use it when their girlfriend/wife is not around. When she’s around, they use Miss.

What about Hon. If it’s an older person or someone in the service industry, they freely use the term HON. I really don’t think they mean any harm.

Honestly, I think all terms are on an individual basis. In fact, unless someone is being condescending or rude, I don’t mind terms of endearment when I’m out at a store or restaurant. It makes me feel loved.



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