Camp Food!

Are you a “Happy Camper”? Sports camp, music camp, or church camp, did you go? When I was off last week I was at a church camp, and we worked in the community, helping those who couldn’t do some project for themselves. East Waterford PA was home for a week. The days were all very organized and well planned. The meals were very satisfying and nutritionally balanced. Two opportunities came up for free time during our work day. One day 2 lively girls and I went shopping for plants and ended up in Mexico…PA, they made up a song about our wild goose chase. Another road trip had brought first-time Whoopie Pie tasting for a few in our group. I wanted to give the teens in my group the Path Valley Experience, we stopped by Eagle Evergreen Christmas tree farm and admired its beauty and Path Valley Market is where we got our Whoopie Pies and milk. We were trying to get a buggy ride, but that didn’t happen, however, we made a friend in a Mennonite girl from Shippensburg working at the market. She offered to give us a ride if we’d come to her place. She had a sweet sweet spirit. At a roadside greenhouse we met Amish Amanda, she was 45 and had 9 children, the oldest being 14. I could have asked her many more questions but didn’t want to seem too invading of her private life. I’ve often wanted to spend a day in the life of an Amish woman, Ivan thinks I couldn’t handle it. Maybe an Amish lady would like to switch with me sometime and see what all an English woman deals within a days time. We also made a quick stop by the post office to say Hi to Nancy, A Mix 95.1 listener that I wanted to meet. Through that conversation, I also got to meet a co-worker friend of my brothers at Bairs.

Do you like the “camp life”? I’m not talking about camping where you live out of your own site, but the kind of experience where you share sinks, toilets, showers, and air molecules with others in a dorm-like setting? If you have an experience, please share it with me.

We gear up for another camp in a week. At this camp, you live with your own family and have your own privacy and space. We eat our meals communally, that makes for great conversation, and our meals will be served on trays just like the picture I shared.



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