Use your MIX95.1 app to call the MIX studio and win! #Somanygiveaways

You can call the studio with one touch! Yep, hear the touchtones, just hit the “call the studio” option and you will get us in studio!

You know you have an alarm on your MIX95.1 app! You can wake up to The Rick and Lisa Morning Show and Today’s Best Music Mix. Just select alarm and set it!

Want to comment on something Rick and Lisa are talking about, but you’re on the go? Just go to the “Talk Back” feature on your MIX app and record a message! Hit send and we’ll get it!!!!

You can also email us, go to our Facebook page and also to our Twitter page!

When you open the app, all these options are available when you hit the menuĀ  in the upper right hand corner!



MIX95.1 Trick or Treat Schedule A Visit to the Maryland Zoo! As Heard on MIX! Products you hear your favorite MIX personalities talk about! Just say NO! Family…honored and preserved! Great day trip to DC!!!!