Courtney Foxx

Happy Nurses Week!!!

Nurses…they bring the good medicine and sometimes the bad news.  Under the heading of NURSE, […]

Snack Time

What yummy treats do you like to snack on?  Do you crave sweet or salty?  […]

Thank you Nurses

Happy Nurses Week!!  I’m so glad you get an entire week because you are well […]

Spring has Sprung….

On the ride to work this afternoon I admired how green and beautiful the yards are […]

You are the Best!!!

Thanks for clicking on my blog and checking it out.  Blogging is new for me.  In […]

All in One!!!

Breakfast made easy…bread, egg, and cheese.  Use one roll of  pop-n-fresh crescent rolls, six scrambled, […]


Sunny and 80 got me like….hey let’s clean the garage!!!!  And by clean the garage […]