Last Christmas breakfast was the last Christmas I had with my dad.  Christmas 17 was so cold and windy.  Casey and I loaded Pap up in his Buick because earlier in the Fall I hit a deer with my Envoy totaled it and I hadn’t found a vehicle that I liked at the point.  If I remember correctly, Ivan had to pick something up a dealership for the farm so he met us at the Waffle House at like 9-10am on Christmas morning.  Dad had later dinner plans with one of my brothers and his family, so going out to breakfast with Dad was a way we could all be together for a bit in the morning.  As your parents age, it crosses your mind from time to time if this will be the “last time” for whatever it is you’re doing.  As you know, it was our last and I’m glad we had a special, yet comical memory together, as most of them seemed to be.

Our big Christmas with my husbands side was on Saturday.  There was prep and anticipation for the all-day event at my in-laws.  Our 13 hour Christmas if a fun-filled, high energy, and food intense kind of a day.  This year, like many, we had a sweet baby to pass around and adore.  This Christmas is the big one we prepare for now.  Till this event was over we felt like we had Christmas.  I was actually looking forward to a relaxing, low key Christmas Day watching movies and catching up on laundry.  Casey and I were in the middle of Christmas Vacation when Ivan calls and says he wants to go for lunch.  Ugh…I thought I don’t want to leave home today and I knew for sure Casey wanted to “jones out” on Farming Simulator.  But then I thought, if your hubby wants to take the family out then we should go.  So we did.

Driving around looking for an open restaurant on Christmas Day posed quite a challenge.  Driving by busy shopping areas and nooooo cars to be found anywhere was rather eerie.  When the parking lot of Giant is empty in the middle of the day and you are out to see it makes one feel rather pathetic inside.  But as in our little families fashion, we found humor in being on the look for Christmas dinner.  Unfortunately, Google was not helpful in the search for “Resturants open on Christmas”.

For a minute I thought maybe we’d be ordering nachos and turkey subs at Sheetz, not that I didn’t think that would be fun.  And then there, just up ahead were cars in a parking lot…at Dennys.  We were not the only people out with the same idea.  I did wonder as I looked at each dynamic at each table, “what was their deal?”  As they too may have thought why are those three here, can’t she cook for her kid?  Looking around I came up with all kinds of scenarios that were probably not anywhere near the truth, yet I enjoyed the dialog that played in my head.  Oh, the fun didn’t stop here.  No way, not with a chicken tender/fries Christmas dinner.  For our next trick, we walked all around downtown Chambersburg.  Parking was premium.  We enjoyed the murals by Main Street Deli, we saw Cali in the window at Ludwigs, admired some beautiful timeless architecture.  As I looked at the gorgeous bridal gowns in the storefront of J & B, I wondered if we were getting married in “19 which one I’d chose.

Also this year another sweetheart of a dear man passed, our SS teacher and friend.  This too was a great loss because of all this man and his wife stands for, loves, lives out.  I wanted to see where he was buried, so off we go to Cedar Hill Cemetery.   We gleaned a lot from that drive through the cemetery.  We found some ancestors, a similar family name…Hussong, we are Hissongs, and admired cousins Daves work as the groundskeeper of Cedar Hill.  We were this close and the day was still young so why not visit Martins Mill Bridge.  Martins Mill Bridge is not a familiar place for us.  You’d think it would be since it’s so close.  The fast rushing water was intense to watch.  Even though the tree were bare and grey they are still beautiful.  We took some pics by and on the bridge and made mental plans to come back when it’s snowy.  Our day ended finally at home with couch time, pretzels and chocolate ice cream.

This was our Christmas…it was OUR Christmas…the 3 of us….and it was great!!!!  Sometimes the best times are unplanned and spontaneous.






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