Cold Pizza for breakfast anyone?

Rick had leftover pizza for breakfast this morning. Sure, why not? He likes to eat it cold! I think it would be better heated! Nope, not him. I should say “room temperature” not cold, because he just leaves it out on the counter–box and all. I suggest refrigeration and he scoffs at the idea. It’s fine sitting out overnight. Okay. Somehow pizza is immune from any kind of bacteria that comes with aging. Shaking my head.

Are you a fan of dinner-y items for breakfast? I’m much more a fan of that than I am of breakfast for dinner. I’m not really a big fan of breakfast-y items to begin with. I’m an oatmeal, fruit, cookies for breakfast person. Yeah, I said cookies. And, yeah I know. THAT’S not entirely healthy. I used to dig animal crackers in raw honey and chase it with tea. Yum, the good old days. I graduated to gluten free cookies with coffee. Usually, those little bunny cookies.

Anyway, I used to eat winter squash for breakfast. Yummmm! A little butter (or I can’t believe it’s not butter spray) on it. And we are in business! Spray and bite. That’s how it’s done.

How about cold spaghetti for breakfast. That sounds good to me.

Ice Cream for breakfast? We had a listener call one time and tell us she eats a bowl of chocolate ice cream for breakfast every morning. Before we get all Judge Judy on her,  think about all the other breakfast choices people make:  Captain Crunch cereal, Donuts, cookies (even bunny cookies 😉 I guess ice cream isn’t so much worse than those choices. My friend eats Kashi for breakfast! I could do that, but, I’d have to put sugar on it. Or, Truvia. I put Truvia on my oatmeal. I can’t eat it w/o sweetener of some sort. I already put fruit in it and peanut butter on it.

I’ve seen people eat chips and pretzels for breakfast.

I guess your body doesn’t know what time it is. I think blood sugar actually might.

Back to pizza. Would you eat it for breakfast? What’s your dinner-y item you like to eat for breakfast??? Tell us!!!!!!



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