The cat is out of the bag…WAIT. Shouldn’t that be the dog is out of the cage!

That’s right!!!!! After years of contemplation, the rumor is true,  we are getting a dog!

We’ve talked about it for many years. We just never took action. I’m not sure why. We were motivated a few months ago when Jonathan was home to go to shelters and look. Step one. We decided we really wanted a little dog. Unfortunately, no little dogs. I really think at that point, we were still not 100% sure we wanted a dog.

Then one day, we went by a place that featured little dogs. OMG!!!!! A.door.a.bull!!!!   We fast tracked to wanting a dog. But, we still weren’t 100%. We went back to visit the puppies at least five times. They’d come and go and invariably the one we had our eyes on at the time would be snapped up. That is until Nic,  Nac, and Paddywack.

We never met Paddywack. Someone bought her before we saw her. Boohoo. I wanted a girl. Then there was Nic and Nack, who were somehow interchanged in name the next visit. Meet the Yorkies. One with ears up and mischief in his eyes! And, one with ears down and not quite as ornery.

Well, we thought and thought and overthought. Things have changed over the years. Now there’s pet insurance, crate training, dog license, chips, doggie daycare, and on and on and on. I started to get overwhelmed at the whole idea.

When I was little, through the years, we had several poodles and an otter hound Sam. They  were low maintenance. They didn’t chew up everything, pee on the floor, require $$$$$ in vet bills. They were loved and they loved back. That’s it.

So, I oscillated between wanting a dog and not because the maintenance has become like having a child, and almost as expensive, sans college tuition.

Meantime, someone bought Nic–the ears up Nic, who is actually now Nac. Anyway, that left Nic. The real Nic. Ears down.

We also played with some Cockapoos. One bonded with Rick and one with me. The next time we went back, they were gone.

Okay, so Nic is the perfect size. A small dog. He is adorable.  He would be perfect. We talked about it and we decided if he was still there that particular Saturday, we would get him. And, because we have some major prior committments, if we could actually take physical possession of him 9/20, we would get him. Well, it worked out on both ends. After we left, I had a bout of severe anxiety and an OMG what did we just do moment!!!!!! I honestly don’t know if I can do this. We like to go on Saturdays and so on with all the reasons I didn’t want a dog. I think Rick was going to drop me off at the dog pound.

On the flip side, before the day was over, I bought Nic a fall jacket and two beds.

I just need to keep things in perspective. I tend to overthink. I mean really overthink–sometimes. I take responsibility very seriously.

So, there will be a learning curve. A BIG learning curve. And, I’m sure I’ll be asking for your advice.

My mother is no longer here. She would have had lots of advice!!!! She always had a dog. So, bring it on! I want to hear from you! Feel free to comment or message me with some advice.

We’ll keep you posted!!!!

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